Fearhouse - The Invitation is a first-person journey through the haunted halls of Klunch Manor.  It’s a performance-driven blend of suspenseful horror and hilarious dark comedy - leading to a shocking finale that people will “lose their heads” over…. or at least feel like they did.  

After Hostx Frau Klunch has invited us to attend a fabulous annual costume gala, we travel to the event in a haunted Lincoln Continental, and are rudely dragged inside by a gang of skeletons. Frau Klunch guides us through the ominous interior of the manor, where we encounter an array of hungry ghosts and ghouls, get our “terror” cards read, watch a silent horror movie narrated by ancient vampires, visit underwater ruins, enter a carnival Hellmouth, and ultimately attend an ominous feast we probably would have rather missed.

Fearhouse - The Invitation features a large and talented cast of performers, led by co- director Stacy Dawson Stearns as Frau Klunch.  With its elaborate sets and costumes, rich cinematography, stop motion and computer animation elements, and haunting original score, it’s a wild and fun ride.

Fearhouse - The Invitation is presented as a cinematic 2D Movie. But its unique first-person style evolved from its origins as an ambitious 360 Immersive video experience (FEARHOUSE360).

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Hear a complete reading of Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol read by Fearhouse's amazingly talented Frau Klunch, with a live reading for the final staves (chapters).