FEARHOUSE (TM pending) produces original horror/comedy/sci fi entertainment.

Current Work

October 2020 a short immersive 360 video short title FEARHOUSE360 was launched as a test Beta. FH360 is an excerpt of the upcoming Fearhouse Presents - The Invitation.

December 2020 - a full length reading of Charles Dickins' A Christmas Carol was released as an audio book, read by Frau Klunch.

October 2021 a full length 2D title Fearhouse presents - The Invitation was launched. Largely shot as a 360 video, the title was re-formatted and re-imagined for the flat screen, with addtional 2D content added.

In Development

HG Wells' The Star - an animated adaptation of the classic sci fi story, Directed by Jonathon Stearns, Produced by Channel B4 and Fearhouse.


















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contact: fearhouse360@gmail.com